Saturday, December 29, 2018

Confessions of a Quirky Author

This is the time of year when we reflect upon the past twelve months and think...what just happened?

Did I accomplish the things I wanted to? Did I succeed, fail, let myself down, surprise myself?

Yes to all these things.

This is also the time of year when we think ahead to the next twelve months. A fresh new start! What will I accomplish? What will be my successes? What will be my failures?

Many things.

True confession time: I have had the SAME TWO THINGS ON MY LIST FOR 3 YEARS.

Didn't get them done in 2016, didn't get them done in 2017, didn't get them done in 2018.

And so, in an extremely unfortunate and discouraging turn of events, these SAME TWO THINGS are now on the list for 2019.

These 2 things:

1. Get rid of diabetes.

2. Finish BLUE.

They say that when you are truly ready for change, the change will happen. 

Re: diabetes. I started to lose weight (15 pounds), but my A1C hardly budged. I got very discouraged.

I know how to diet. I know how to exercise. I know what I need to do to make this happen. AM I READY FOR CHANGE?

Am I ready? Yes, I am.

Determined. Ready. THIS WILL NOT BE ON MY LIST FOR 2020!

In 2020, I will not have diabetes. 

Re: BLUE. After years of writing romance, I switched to a new genre and a new format. This book has changed so many times, I can barely keep up with it. But I know in my heart, this is the best thing I've ever written. Also, the most challenging and the most difficult.

The writing is always easy for me. But having so many choices about my characters, the story--and how to get there--is tough with this one. 

I need to buckle down, choose a central theme, and write. Write, write, write, and find the story in those words.


By 2020, BLUE will be finished. 

Easy days: When the number on the scale is down, when the words flow.

These are the days it's easy to stick with the goals.

Hard days: When the number on the scale is up, when the book feels like a hot mess.

These are the days you have to push through to get to the other side.

One thing I know for sure about 2019...there will be easy days and hard days. 

I have to get through all of them to achieve my goals.

My goal for 2019: 

That's my goal. To wrap up these things that are hard, challenging, life-changing.

I've pushed a little bit, they've pushed back. Forward and back.

This year I will push back all the way.

So, that's sort of a quirky goal for 2019. To have a new set of goals for 2020.

But there you go.

To everyone who is planning to push back all the way...