Friday, October 19, 2018

Writing News and Updates

Time for some updates about "The Great Experiment!"

I have broken away from Henry Miller's Writing Program. Although many of his suggestions are helpful, not all are a good fit for me.

He recommends working on one--and only one--manuscript at a time until completed. Normally, that was my process as well.

Since I am attempting a new genre with my story BLUE, I've had a pretty big learning curve. The whole process is new and different, and I found myself becoming frustrated and then stalled. I missed writing! I decided to make a goal for myself each day to write for 1-2 hours, even if it was a blog post, a journal, whatever. Just to get my writing-brain warmed up again.

Just for the fun of it, I started to write a brand new book. Then I started another one! The words were flowing, the ideas were popping! It worked great. And the best part was that all my issues with BLUE were also solved so I could tackle that one as well.

For whatever reason, I have discovered that working on multiple projects at one time really works for me. I have a menu to choose from in the morning...

1. Horror story (LITTLE SHADOW MAN)
2. Holiday YA (SWEET NOELLE)
3. YA paranormal fiction (BLUE)
4. Contemporary romance (THE HAPPY CAMPER)

Depending on my mood/inclination, I will choose one for the morning writing session, and then a different one for the afternoon. I'm sort of shocked by how well this is working for me. My productivity has shot up! Yee haw!

As you can see from yesterday's post, I am even creating poetry.

Feeling victorious!

So, what are these books? Well...surprise! Surprise! An idea that popped up last year for the Klaus Brothers Series took shape and became a YA holiday novella. Sara Pulver has created this precious family tree for the next generation. 

So many children!

The YA holiday fantasy is the story of Noelle Klaus, daughter of Nicholas and Lucy. Here's a sample pic for the cover of SWEET NOELLE...

I will be publishing my new indie releases under the name MYRICA PRESS. Here's a sample cover for the horror story, called LITTLE SHADOW MAN...

Expect a sneak peek for this story soon!

Another announcement...

I am thrilled to be participating in a book fair/signing at the Bellingham Barnes and Noble on Saturday, November 10. This book fair is raising money for the Friends of Hopkinton Public Library.

That's it for announcements!

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Thank you!