Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Five Fun Quirky Films

As you all know, I love quirky stuff. Including movies!

The weirder it is, the better.

I especially respect film makers who are willing to take a risk and break out of the generic mold...even if it means the movie won't experience huge blockbuster status.

Here are some of my favorite quirky films, including some horror/sci fi in the honorable mention category.


This 1992 Baz Luhrmann film has all of my favorite things wrapped up with a bow. Quirky kooky Australian humor, wacky characters, an adorably sweet romance, fabulous soundtrack, and spine-tingling dance scenes. The costumes, the music, the whole ballroom dance vibe is the perfect backdrop for a bizarre Australian movie with one of the greatest happy endings ever.


Watch it!


Wes Anderson is all about quirk. Just the stunning visual component of his films is a good enough reason to watch. The colors, the composition. Swoony goodness! But it's the bittersweet characters, all struggling in their own way, that draw you in and make you hope for a happy ending. This is another crazy love story with a superb ending that will satisfy any romance lover.

Bonus: Bruce Willis!


This 1971 film based on the Roald Dahl book is pure gold. It captures the whimsy and wackiness of the original story, and casting Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka is one of the greatest casting decisions in the history of film. (And I'm not even going to discuss Johnny Depp. Everything about this movie is perfection...the crazy story, the fantastic characters, the Oompa Loompas, the music, the SPECTACULAR scenery. This film is brilliant in every way. A+ QUIRK!

Also, so many quotes! "The suspense is terrible...I hope it'll last." Hee hee!


2013 film with Ben Stiller. There is a sweetness to this quirky movie that I adore. Walter Mitty's life is so miserable he spends most of his time fantasizing in a dream world instead of dealing with the tedium of his real life. What happens when this poor schmo finally gets the courage to break out of his shell? So many wonderful things! Great music, kooky scenarios--including a hilarious scene with a shark that made me snort laugh--and a sweet romance. 

Bonus: Gorgeous Icelandic scenery, which inspired our family trip to Iceland.

Whenever I need a dose of happy, I watch this one again. It's a keeper!


If you love dogs, and you love dog shows, and you love comedy, then BEST IN SHOW is your quirky selection! This is the perfect setting for a bunch of nutso characters obsessed with their pets and this canine competition. It includes laugh-out-loud humor and hilarious performances by Christopher Guest and his comedy group. Clever, snarky, and snort-laugh fun.

Bonus: Eugene Levy

Looking for more quirky options? If you like horror, I would recommend TREMORS, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and SLITHER. If you enjoy sci fi parodies, try SPACE BALLS and GALAXY QUEST.

I also recently watched and loved THE SHAPE OF WATER, a creepy quirky fantasy.


Do you have any favorite quirky films? Let me know!

Have a quirky day!




Heidenkind said...

I forgot I wanted to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!

I saw a quirky movie a few weeks ago you might like: Miss Meadows starring Katie Holmes. Imagine Mary Poppins crosses with Pulp Fiction

Penny Watson said...

Thanks for the rec. That sounds good!

Jessi said...

You're inspiring me to do some film watching! Time to get out the crochet hook and binge on feel-good, quirky movies. I'm so excited about the Wes Anderson and the Mitty one. Oh, and the Australian dance one. My Saturday just got filled up :)

Penny Watson said...

Jessi, you are going to have a fun weekend! STRICTLY BALLROOM is to die-for. For real. Soooooooo romantic! I've watched that one probably a dozen times. It is perfection!

flmom1957 said...

I adore the first Willi Wonka and Best of Show! How about a uirky TV show about really bad movies, MST3K!

Penny Watson said...

flmom1957, I miss the made-for-TV SyFy movies that were SO bad they were good. Why don't they make those anymore?