Monday, February 23, 2015

Who Wants a $200 Amazon Gift Card? (Let's Talk Newsletters!)

I have a confession to make.

I hate newsletters.

Not all newsletters, but let's say approximately 98% of them.

Most authors are already over-promoting, so the newsletter is just the super irritating frosting on the cake of too-much-promotion.

I really had no interest in starting my own newsletter, and then I started to get some emails.

A LOT of emails.

From readers who read and enjoyed The Klaus Brothers boxed set this past holiday season. Not only did they enjoy reading the first three installments of the series, but they were quite anxious about the next books.

When would they be out?
Who would they be about?
Why didn't I have a newsletter they could sign up for so they could get purchase links and release information and be sure NOT TO MISS A BOOK!

Okay...*Penny waves the white flag of surrender*

So I decided...fine, I need to do a newsletter. But if I'm gonna do a newsletter, I'm gonna make it fun and mix it up and not be blabbing about myself the whole time.

Introducing...the PENNY WATSON ANTI-NEWSLETTER NEWSLETTER filled with fun links and weenie dog pics and book/film recommendations and cocktail recipes and yes, some information about my upcoming releases.

I'm aiming for 4 newsletters per year. Maybe less? Depends on frequency of release dates, etc.

Since I'm just starting this endeavor, I decided to bribe encourage people to sign up by offering a $200 Amazon gift card as a give-away for one lucky new subscriber.

The newsletter will be going out this week, and I'll choose a winner in early March.

200 BUCKS!

That's good.

So, if you're interested in weenie dogs, cocktails, good movies and books, fun links, Etsy shopping recommendations, and getting up-to-date info about my releases...


Or maybe you just want the 200 bucks. I hear you. That's fine.

Okay people, stay safe out there and try not to get lost in a 7-foot snow drift,