Friday, December 19, 2014

A Christmas Tale

Conversation at the Penny Watson house last night...

Son: Hey Mom.

Me: Yeah.

Son: You know that Jewish family who lives down the street? At the house with no lights and no tree and no Christmas decorations?

Me: Yeah.

Son: Our house looks exactly like that. EXCEPT WE'RE NOT JEWISH!

Me: What's your point?

Son: Are we ever going to put up our Christmas decorations this year?

After my son shamed me into admitting I was a bit behind with my Christmas preparation (no cookies, no gingerbread house, no decorations, no music, naked tree, no cards) I decided to do something special today. When the kids left for school, I got out all the boxes of stuff, and ran to the hardware store to get new lights (ours were busted), and got to work!

I'm calling this OPERATION ELF. By the time the kids get back from school, the house will be transformed into a winter wonderland...there will be a fire in the fireplace, hot chocolate waiting for them, and Celine Dion Christmas music playing!


Water Naked Tree

I actually got the tree last week, but never decorated it.
It's like we have a real tree growing in our living room!
The kids did not think this was amusing.


 The first time I attempted to put on the lights, the tree looked like crap.
 Too many lights on the bottom, not enough on the top. 
Big gaping holes.
But then I took off my glasses...

 And the tree looked fabulous!
And then I ripped off all the lights and started over again.
Grumble. Grumble.


 We have beaded garlands for the tree.
They're supposed to go into these plastic containers for easy storage.
They didn't.
So I spent 20 minutes pulling them apart.
Good times!

The Balls
(I said balls.)

 We have old gold balls that are scuffed up and falling apart.
I call these "vintage" balls.


 You know how you have the "top tier" special ornaments, 
and then the "back-up" crappy ornaments that go on the back of the tree?
Well, I lost the starting line-up ornaments, 
and now I only have the subs.
I'm sure the top tier ornaments are somewhere in the basement.


Hope everyone is surviving the holidays with good spirits!


Susan said...

HA! It's as if we're living parallel lives! I, too, tried to convince everyone to have a Eco-friendly Christmas and honor the tree by leaving it bare.

Merry Christmas!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Yay! Go mama elf!

Unknown said...

Vintage Balls-LOL

Heidenkind said...

Holy cow, your presents are already wrapped?!

Penny Watson said...

Susan...I once saw an article at Country Living where a designer had a group of fresh evergreens in a cluster in his living room, just natural, no ornaments. It was GORGEOUS. Loved it. My family is all...BAH! WE WANT ORNAMENTS!

Penny Watson said...

Thanks Juju! Merry Christmas to your family!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Suzanne. Vintage balls are the best, right? ;^)

Penny Watson said...

Tasha...I had a present-wrapping episode where I went a little bit crazy. Also, I suck at wrapping. Luckily, it's dark under the tree! GIFT BAGS 4-EVER!