Monday, April 28, 2014

The End Of An Era

About six years ago, I started my book blog Penelope's Romance Reviews. I was a super enthusiastic romance reader who loved to chat about books.

I still am a super enthusiastic reader who loves to chat about books.

Unfortunately, the other part of the book blogging community--the part that is essentially an industry-driven business--is not really my cuppa tea. And the associated ruckus and melodrama that's going on constantly--about plagiarism, badly behaving authors, reviewers, publishers, etc--is a huge downer.

And so I've decided to "officially" hang up my book blogger hat. I'll still be here as Penny Watson. But Penelope, the Book Blogger, is retiring to Florida, to live out the rest of her days in a retirement community with shuffleboard and cocktails by the pool.


I'm replacing "Penelope's Romance Reviews" with "Penny Watson, Quirky Fiction." This will now be a personal blog that continues to explore ground-breaking topics such as dachshunds, lumberjacks, alcoholic beverages, assorted reading material, 1980s music, and any other fun bit of business that strikes my fancy.

Who wants some retirement cake? ME! ME! I WANT THE CAKE!

I have more or less already made the transition from book blog to personal blog. Just wanted to make it "official."

My reading goals have definitely taken a turn towards quirky, innovative, unique, creative. I'm tired of the bandwagon copycat books in romance. Now I'm reading humor, mystery, short stories, horror, and romance that is pushing the boundaries with a creative flair.

I read some great books over vacation, and will post some reviews when I get the chance.

Happy Spring Day To All!