Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oh So Very Civilized! Sheikh Books And Afternoon Tea...Pinkies Up!

You might be wondering where the hell I've been recently.

1. Husband had a week off from work.

2. Kids then had a week off from school.

Summary: Penny got nothing done.

On the tail end of all these vacation weeks, I took my daughter to "afternoon tea" at the Boston Public Library. It was lovely! They brought us scones and lemon curd and petit fours and cucumber sandwiches. It was so very civilized and refined!

Cucumber sandwiches! Yipppeeeeee!

Which reminded me of Patrick Star saying "When in doubt, pinky out!"

I had a white wedding tea, that combined Mutan White tea with lemon-vanilla and pink rosebuds and petals. It was ridiculously delicious!

I highly recommend this lovely afternoon ritual, at the Courtyard Restaurant at the Boston Public Library. Here is the link to the menu for anyone interested in checking it out.

So, what would be appropriate reading for a super-civilized vacation? HARLEQUIN PRESENTS!

I started reading some of these and I liked them. And then I made the enormous mistake of telling Lexxi Callahan, who encouraged my unhealthy obsession and kept adding more and more titles onto my TBR list. Damn her!

Here's a list of the books I've read recently...

The Greek's Pregnant Lover
The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress
The Salvatore Marriage
The De Santis Marriage
The Spanish Husband
The Sheikh's Chose Wife
A Passionate Marriage
The Greek's Marriage Bargain
The Shy Bride
The Prince's Virgin Wife
Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon
The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain
The Italian's Convenient Wife
The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress
The Greek's Innocent Virgin
The Sheikh's Bartered Bride
Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress
His Royal Love-Child

Hey! I'm Greek! And I'm sexy!

Plot summary for Harlequin Presents:

1. Super alpha arrogant Greek/Italian/Sheikh dude toys with lovely innocent woman.
2. Lovely innocent woman gets knocked up.
3. Alpha guy accuses her of cheating/manipulation and says horrible, nasty things.
4. Lovely innocent woman cries and wishes she didn't love the dumb ass so much.
5. Dumb ass continues to be a dumb ass for 60% of the book.
6. At 61% of the book, dumb ass starts to get an inkling that perhaps, maybe, there might be the slightest chance he was totally wrong about lovely innocent woman, and that yes, indeed, he is a dumb ass.
7. Lovely innocent woman gets talked into marriage with dumb ass.
8. Dumb ass grovels grovels grovels and begs lovely innocent woman to forgive him.
9. Tears! Sob sob sob!
10. Alpha dude professes his undying love, so does innocent woman.
11. Epilogue: Precious baby is born.

If you, too, would like to develop an unhealthy obsession with Harlequin Presents, I recommend starting with The Shy Bride or The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress.

Finally, my very own book APPLES SHOULD BE RED is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

It will be available in print within the next month.

It's currently in the Amazon Top 100 Hot New Releases for both Romantic Comedy and Humorous Fiction.


Here are some review quotes...

"charming, beautiful and funny read"

"I laughed through this whole book"

"The humor was outrageous"

"sweet and sexy romance"

"funny, quirky [story] with vivid characters"

I'm thrilled!

Lastly, if you're pining for spring, and the mounds of snow outside are making you want to cry (sort of like the lovely innocent woman in a Harlequin Presents novel), please check out my new Pinterest board aptly named SUMMER.