Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Will 2014 Bring? Here's Hoping...

Green Heron
1. Trip to Sanibel and Ding Darling for most awesome birding!

Weenies at Westminster
2. 2014 Westminster Kennel Club Show in NYC. Yipppeeeee!

The return of Lucy The Wonder Weenie
3. A new addition to the Wonder Weenie series. Hint: Santa might stop by for a visit!

Chihuly Glass
4. I'm hoping to make it to Seattle or Phoenix to see a Chihuly exhibit.

Year of the Lumberjack
5. Planning on writing 2 novellas, one about a lumberjack in Vermont.
One about a lumberjack in the North Pole who happens to be Santa's son. 
That's a lot of lumber.

New decorating scheme: Red and white combo
6. For some reason, I am obsessed with red/white decor, 
and now I want to redecorate my whole house. 
Here are some more ideas for this...

I'm going to keep at this until my husband notices and asks "Why is our house turning red and white?" 
Hopefully, that won't happen until I'm done.

7. This is my gardening goal for 2014...a dahlia collection. All different colors!

I hope all of you have something fun and exciting and new planned for 2014, too!