Thursday, September 12, 2013

Updates from the Pen-Meister

From the Pen-a-mator, from the Pen-ster, from the Pen-a-rama, from the...

I'll stop now.


1. First update: I am in the midst of getting my rights back for SWEET MAGIK, the second book of the Klaus Brothers Series. I will eventually be editing and self-publishing this novel, but it won't happen until Christmas 2014. It will take up to four months for all of the digital and print books to be removed from other bookstores.

So, NO NEW KLAUS BROTHERS this Christmas!

(Penny ducks rotten tomatoes).

I have already started SWEET ADVENTURE (#3 of the Klaus Brothers Series), but I won't publish until the whole series has reverted back to me. It's looking good for 2014!

HOWEVER, I am working on another project which I'm hoping will be published either late fall or early winter. It's called APPLES SHOULD BE RED, aka my "geriatric love story." So far, my critique partners are digging it, so I hope all of my readers will enjoy this one, too. It is definitely outside of the box of the regular romance novel, but it is still a love story, and has a happy ending.

Please don't throw rotten tomatoes at me! Or gingerbread snaps!

2. I am super excited to be part of the first Local Independent Author Evening at Wellesley Books, in Wellesley, MA. It's taking place on Thursday Oct 3, from 6-8 PM. I'll be there with copies of LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE, SWEET INSPIRATION, and of course LUMBERJACK IN LOVE. Stop by for some refreshments, chat with some local authors, and support the indie movement!

Come on over. You know you want to!

3. Registration is still open for the INDIE AUTHOR SYMPOSIUM, hosted by yours truly and Marie Force. Limited hotel rooms available, so hurry up and book now!

Yes, I want to hear Marie Force and Penny Watson teach me the meaning of life, I mean self-publishing tips!

4. This is possibly the funniest cover I have ever seen in my life, compliments of Nathan Shumate at LOUSY BOOK COVERS.


5. Check out this great post by Tasha about prologues--at Book Riot. THE PROBLEM WITH PROLOGUES

6. I am jonesing for this yummy-looking pumpkin recipe, compliments of Kenda at FULL FORKS AHEAD...get your pumpkin frozen yogurt

That's it for today! Hope everyone is having a nice week.