Monday, July 25, 2011

What Is This Place? Ohhhhh....A Bookstore!

Since I have become the proud owner of a Kindle, I have frequently commented that print books are Satan. Kidding, of course. Kidding. But seriously, it's been a while since I read a print book. The last time irritated me no end. I couldn't adjust the font size. I couldn't leave bookmarks and memos for myself (which is such a great option for reviewers!). The book keeps snapping shut when you're trying to read and eat your heart-healthy lunch simultaneously. I cursed the heavens above and swore, as God is my witness, I would never read a print book again!

And then I went to the New England Mobile Book Fair.

There are bookstores. And then...well...there is the New England Book Fair.

I went for one reason. To get a book from my son's summer reading list. One. Single. Book. I forgot how seductive this shop is. A giant warehouse, utterly chaotic and mesmerizing. Are the books organized according to subject? By author? By title? Hell no. This place is organized by publisher, and it's fabulous. When you finally locate a book you are searching for, it's like finding a hidden treasure. Books are stacked on shelves. Piled in boxes on the floor. Forgotten in corners. It is a bibliophile's Shangri-La. This is no chi chi Barnes and Noble, with a Starbucks in the corner. This is for hardcore readers, baby, and I love it!

Back to my story. I forgot about the wonder of meandering through a kick-ass bookstore, discovering dusty treasures and exploring like a turn-of-the-century adventurer. Yes, I did get the one single book on my to-do list. I also got a vegetarian cookbook, 2 mysteries, 2 romance novels, a cookbook about cupcakes, a cookbook about cake pops, 4 Highlighter magazines, 2 guide books about Maine, and a kid's almanac 2012 by National Geographic. (My daughter was with me). We had a blast. And frankly, it made me sort of sad. I have a bad feeling all bookstores are going to bookstore heaven in the not-so-distant future.

Needless to say, I will be very busy this week. Baking cupcakes. Reading romance novels. And planning my trip to Maine.

As God is my witness, I will never ding print books again.