Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Do You Feel About Alien Sex?

I'm actually feeling pretty good about it right now.

I just finished reading Solange Ayre's Star Bride series...One Thousand Brides, Bride Reborn, and Bride's Holiday Gift. I liked this author so much I also got Wizard's Woman--seriously, that Kindle is deadly! I inhaled these 4 stories in 24 hours.

Ayre's "aliens" resemble earth boys in many ways, but they also have a few differences. Furry ears, a pelt of fur on their backs, a cylindrical-shaped penis head, and a really good jumping ability (these guys would kick ass in the NBA). Also, they can't have an orgasm unless their female partners do....hee hee...rock on, Aliens! Ayre does a great job with her world-building...the aliens are similar enough to humans so that they are not off-putting in any way, but different enough to be fascinating (kissing is not in their sexual repertoire, so the brides have to teach!).

The aliens kidnap 1,000 human brides to save their race. I love the fact that they choose only plus-size women, who they consider the epitome of beauty and sensuality. These women from earth, who were so self-conscious about their appearance and worth, are now worshipped by the alien men, and made to feel gorgeous and desirable. Love it!

Even in a shorter format, Ayre does a fabulous job creating these characters and making their love stories believable. She pulls you right into the story, makes you care about the characters, and incorporates the very sexy love scenes perfectly. I hope she is planning more books in this series...I want me some more alien lovin'!!!!

Also, I thought Wizard's Woman was excellent. It has a lot of elements I really older man/mentor, a younger apprentice (who is hiding her real identity), and hot diggity dog....the wizard has a goatee! Sexy, baby.

Ayre is such a good writer that I barely flinched with subject matter like exhibitionist sex (which would normally turn me off) and a bit of dom/submissive stuff in Wizard's Woman. I don't read a lot of erotica, but I really enjoyed this author. She includes a good story, fascinating characters, and a real emotional connection with her love scenes.

Rock on, Solange!

Grades: A-/B+....Penelope definitely recommends!

Wondering how I can get on that alien ship,


Tales of Whimsy said...

Sounds sexy and awesome!

Question: The women they took - were they single, married, or taken?

Penny Watson said...

Good question, Juju. The women were all single. Although some of the women were upset about being kidnapped, by the end of the story they are all happy about being mated to these hunky alien guys who appreciate their curvy figures...hee hee!

Mandi said...

Very interesting...have not heard of these!

Lydia Storm said...

Sounds like some fun escapist reading! Now I just need a Kindle...

Smokinhotbooks said...

OMG!!! lol I've read this one. This was in my download everything from Ellora's Cave phase.

How do I feel about Alien Sex? --> Yes please.

If you liked this one, I love everything written by Kaitlyn O'Connor and Lorie O'Clare's Deadworld *whispers* there is underwater h20 sexy time.

Penny Watson said...

Hey Mandi...they're fun EC reads!

Lydia...maybe Santa will bring you a Kindle for xmas...he brought me one! :)

Hey Smokin...Thanks SO much for the recommendation...I will definitely check out the underwater sexy time...weeeee!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Well, I enjoy alien sex with specific aliens!