Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nora Trilogy Fizzles

In spite of the fact that I loved Jewels of the Sun, and enjoyed Tears of the Moon, I am now officially off the Nora bandwagon. Heart of the Sea was not a great ending to this trilogy. First of all, I can't imagine something less romantic than two folks making a business-like agreement about their sexual relationship. Yuck! This takes place at the beginning of the story, and I realize that it was consistent with their characters, but still....not romantic, and a bad place to start. I also had a hard time with how mercenary Darcy Gallagher is...her greed for wealth and comfort sort of got on my nerves. Trevor, the hero, is quite likable, but not enough to save this book. Finally, the ending was one of the most abrupt and unsatisfying endings I have ever read in a romance novel. With just pages to go until the end, Darcy is still flinging things at Trevor and pissed off. Suddenly, they propose their love and yippee! it's HEA forever. Too rushed, totally unbelievable. And, after watching Carrick (the fairy king) and Gwen (his ghostly love) suffer and pine for each other throughout all three books, I was really looking forward to their reunion. Nora gives us a couple of pathetic sentences about them flying off on Carrick's horse into the sky, and that's it. Another bummer, and no satisfaction. Oh well. The first book, Jewels of the Sun, was really romantic, so I guess I'm glad I gave this trilogy a go. Grade: B-/C+

I am now off to stuff 10,000 plastic Easter eggs with candy for the annual hunt!

Happy Sunny Easter Day,