Friday, December 18, 2009

Recent Reading Highlights

I think I've read about 100 books in the last couple of weeks. I have been re-reading old favorites (loads of Julie Garwood historicals and Stephanie Lauren's books, too). I have also read some first-timers. Here are a few highlights....

Naked Dragon by Annette Blair: First time read. Will be released January 5. The hero of this book is Bastian, the dragon, and his not-quite-there grasp of the English language is absolutely hilarious. He totally reminds me of Fabio, the Italian contestant from Season 5 Top Chef, who was always butchering the English language. Charming, magical story, and I will post a longer review soon.

Seduce Me At Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas: Re-read. I am totally digging the whole gypsy thing going on with this series. I love Kev's big, brooding, possessive sexiness. Highlight of this book....when Kev "kidnaps" his bride, ties her up, and hauls her off on his horse, then seduces the hell out of her on their "wedding" night. Yippee for gypsies!

Lady Thief by Wend Petzler: First time read. I haven't read a lot of 12th century romance novels. Eiry is a kick-ass heroine who dresses in men's garb, steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Sound like anyone you know? Robin Hood shows up in this story, too. Fun!

Lion's Lady by Julie Garwood: Re-read. This is the most under-rated of Julie Garwood's historicals, in my not so humble opinion. She combines Native American history with Regency England stuffiness. Christina is one of the most original heroines I have ever read, and I adore her relationship with her "lion"--Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood. Sexy, great story. Julie Garwood for President! :)

The Sins of Lord Easterbrook by Madeline Hunter: First time read. Woa, Nelly. I LOVE this book. It is lush and exotic and Christian the hero is dark and mysterious, and the sex scenes are absolutely sizzling hot. I am seriously on board the Madeline Hunter boat.

Dark Legend by Christine Feehan: Re-read. Gabriel's story. This is a really great Carpathian novel. I get sort of sick of the human heroines who are all "Oh my God, you're a vampire! I won't give up sunlight, or chocolate, or suck your gross blood!!!!!" Francesca, the heroine of this book, is also an ancient Carpathian, so we get to skip that whole irritating thing. And Skyler, the horribly abused adopted daughter of Gabriel and Francesca is introduced in this book. I am DYING for Skyler and Dimitri's book already. Hurry, Christine, write it, please!!!!!!!!!

Morning Glory by LaVryle Spencer: First time read. What kind of name is LaVyrle? Do you think that's for real? Anyway, my friend Vicki made me read this book, and even though it's not my normal sort of read, I loved it. Religious zealots, war-time trauma, poverty, and even a murder thrown in for good measure. This book has a little bit of everything, but mostly it is just a sweet and loving romance. Thanks, Vicki. Now I get the hype about this book. :)

All About Love by Stephanie Laurens: Re-read. I forgot how good this book is. It's the last man standing, Lucifer's story (the last unmarried Cynster male of the original Bar Cynster). There is a great pirate-y scene in this book, where Lucifer catches Phyllida rummaging through his house in the dead of night, and slices her clothes off with a big old sword. And then has his wicked way with the starry-eyed virgin. Oh, Stephanie, you definitely had your mojo going on with this one!

I am stoked for Santa's visit....I ordered myself three of Alissa Johnson's stories (As Luck Would Have It, McAlister's Fortune, and Tempting Fate) which my children will be wrapping for me "from Santa"--ho, ho, ho!