Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Annette Blair Interview And Contest!

What's the best way to celebrate Annette Blair's fantabulous new book Larceny and Lace, which will be released on August 4? (Yes, Quirky Ladies, a toast to Annette with a mango margarita is definitely a good idea!) But actually, I had another good idea....how about a contest and interview with Annette on Monday July 27? Please stop by to check out a fun-filled and informative interview with Annette on 7-27. One lucky commenter will win a copy of A Veiled Deception, the first of the Vintage Magic Mystery series. Annette and I will be discussing writing, romance, vintage clothes, and of course, wiener dogs! Please stop by and join us! 

Here is another photo of one of my Nana's vintage purses. Isn't it adorable? First of all, I have a background in botany, so the pansy (Viola) theme is wonderful. And I love, love, love sequins! Note the green velvet background. How great is this? My daughter Natty loves this bag and often takes it with her on playdates (she's six). 


jaymi said...

Penelope- I was wondering if you ever critique manuscripts. I have a romance manuscript that I am currently going thru with a fine tooth comb to get ready to submit to agents. I would love some feedback from you if you are interested.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Jaymi! That is so awesome!..congrats on finishing your book and getting it ready for queries! My email is penelope.romance@gmail.com
Send me an email and I will offer up some helpful hints.