Monday, June 8, 2009

Favorite Re-Reads..."I'm in the mood for a little..."

Inspired by the lists on Amazon, I decided to compile a list of my favorite re-reads. You know, sometimes you wake up and say, "Hmmm....I'm in the mood for a little bit of....Stephanie Laurens today!" And then you grab your favorite Laurens book and settle down with a cup of tea and a long-haired miniature dachshund curled on your lap. Penelope has so many old favorites that I couldn't possibly list all of them at once, so I'll start with this list of ten, and update it as time permits. 

In no particular order whatsoever....

Katie MacAlister is a master of light paranormal...who knew comedy and vampires were a good combination? But this old classic is my favorite of her books...It is a hilarious tongue-in-cheek take on a Regency romance, and it is superb. 
Goes well with a fuzzy navel.

Betina Krahn is a somewhat inconsistent author...some of her books are wonderful, and some are not. This one rocks! I adore Eloise and Peril, and I've probably re-read this one at least 15 times. A great historical. The seduction scene where they find the wine in the forgotten passageway and Peril seduces the "Sister of Virtue" is delicious.
Enjoy with a mellow glass of merlot.

I often get in a Quinn-ish mood, and re-read one of the classic Bridgerton series. Penelope and Colin are one of the most satisfying couples of romance novel history...the shy, overlooked wallflower who is actually much more than she appears, and the devil-may-care Colin, who is actually less confident than his family realizes. The love story between these two characters is blissfully satisfying.
Read while sipping a crisp classic martini with a twist.

Although contemporary romances are not my favorite, I absolutely adore this book. It is the perfect quirky book...highlights include a Chinese Crested dog who is a disco dance champion, a totally sexy undercover rugby player, and a down-to-earth vet with a crazy Chinese assistant, adopted teenage daughter, kooky father, and deranged ex-husband. The story is sweet, sexy and hilarious.
Pairs well with a margarita.

I could re-read this book a million times and I still get the time-travelling chills. Oh why, oh why, can't time-travelling Scottish warriors be real? Sniff, sniff. Moning's book is hot and decadent.
I'd cozy up with a Ghiradelli dark hot chocolate topped with loads of fluffy home made whipped cream! Whew!

Another one of the few contemporaries I find cute and fun and love to revisit. A cast of kooky characters and a sweet love story between a pair of original and refreshingly flawed 30-somethings makes for a super-fun read.
Suggested pairing: Frozen strawberry daiquiri with festive paper umbrellas.

Every once in a while, I re-read the entire Cynster series. I just get a hankering for those alpha male, sexual dynamo Cynster men and I can't help myself. In addition to her Cynster series, Laurens has created a Bastion Club series, and I also really dig these ex-spies and the ladies they love. I once read this on a cold winter day while drinking a hot cup of tea and tending the fire, and thus the pages are covered with soot and ash. It's a keeper!
Must drink hot cup of jasmine tea while reading about Tristan and Leonora.

Best Romance Couple Ever. Derek Craven and Sara Fielding. God, I love this book! This is the ultimate example of opposites attracting, and it works so well. Kleypas is brilliant. Derek is definitely on my top five romance heroes list (guess I better start working on that one, too!)
Corona with lime. Followed by shot of tequila.

I love the St. Johns brothers. Oh yeah! I love how Anna wins over the troublesome children, interferes with Anthony's fiancee, falls into the lake, etc. etc. So many good things about this book. It's tied with Marcus' story for my favorite Hawkins.
A chilled glass of sparkling apple cider would accompany this one nicely.

Any day of my life I could re-read this master of historical romance novels and sigh with happiness. Perfection. In. Every. Way. Jessica and Dain are one of the best pairings of all time.
There's only one beverage suitable for this book. Champagne.

Penelope would love to hear what's on your re-read list. Let me know!
All my best, Penelope