Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Blast from the Past: Review of Ready, Willing, And Able by Lucy Monroe

Of all the romance sub-genres, contemporary is not my favorite.  I usually need a little something extra to float my boat...something like a Regency setting, blood-sucking vampires, or macho time-traveling Scottish warriors.  But every once in awhile I read a contemporary that I love, and this trilogy by Lucy Monroe (with very witty titles, Ready, Willing, And Able-cute!!!) is great. The books focus on a trio of ex-Ranger friends. I really enjoyed the well paced suspense in all three stories, which include dealing with threatening stalkers, mysterious explosions, and ex-assassins.  But the best part of this series is the heroes...yummy! They are total alpha-male ex-military types all the way. Monroe really knows how to spin a steamy love affair.  My only complaint is that the guys take a little long to figure out their "sexual possessiveness" is really love. But hey, gotta get that conflict in there somehow, right? I also like that the heroines are not your typical romance is a computer geek, one is a military-trained tomboy, and the last one is a writer-divorcee.  My favorite of the books is Willing, about a Native American hero coming to terms with his abusive father.  He falls in love with the tomboy, and her loss-of-virginity scene is incredibly touching and romantic. Anyhoo, if you're looking for a fun stack of books to tackle on the beach, I would recommend tossing this trio into your suitcase.  Sipping a strawberry daiquiri under a beach umbrella and reading this sexy trilogy will make it a super vacation.  (Can you tell I'm dreaming about Spring Break?) Grade: A
Totally trilogy-tempted, Penelope