Monday, September 2, 2013



Yesterday, as I was reading, I laughed so hard, and for so long, and snorted like a pig (don't tell anyone), that my dog Lucy was concerned enough to stare at me as though I were having some sort of debilitating fit.

I laughed so hard I got tears in my eyes.

I laughed so hard I started mumbling to myself ("Oh dear Lord, this is funny!") under my breath.

I laughed so hard I stopped reading to post about it on Goodreads.

I laughed so hard I sent Penny Reid a tweet because I KNEW she would love the over-the-top, ridiculous farcical sense of humor in this book. And I told her so. And then she bought it, too.

In a sea of boring-ass, cookie-cutter, no imagination-whatsoever romance novels, SEEKING PHILBERT WOODBEAD is a huge, honkin' breath of fresh air.

Does it have handcuffs?


Does it have a billionaire?


Does it have teenage angst, a motorcycle gang, kinky sex, or vampires?

No, thank the good God, it does not.

What is has is irony, farce, charm, and so much humor you might start wheezing and need an inhaler. (I have one for emergency purposes).

Anya Wylde may write books, but in her heart, she is a comedian. She has perfect, spot-on timing with her comedy. One sentence, perfectly placed, and you burst out laughing uncontrollably.

This is a gift. And it's brilliant, sweet, adorable and super super fun.

In fact, as summer comes to a very sad close, I would go out on a limb and say this is the PERFECT way to wrap it up. Get that final pink cocktail with the little umbrella and read this story until you snort like a pig.

Then, take the kids back-to-school shopping and cry a little bit.

If you are looking for a hilarious, ridiculous, sweet (no sex), ironic, farcical, well-written wallpaper historical romantic comedy, then SEEKING PHILBERT WOODBEAD is just what Miss Penelope recommends.

Grade: A-

P.S. The scene that made me laugh the hardest involves a senile uncle, his beard, and a candle.

Happy Reading!


Julia Barrett said...

Gotta get this! Wait... no rock star sex? Me likey!

Penelope said...

Julia, I think you will get a big kick out of this book. Total farce, the whole way.

Tasha Brandstatter said...

This sounds delightful. :)

Penelope said... is!

Happy Mind said...

gotta read it soon then... :)

Happy Mind said...

gotta read it soon then. :)
delicious review...