Bayberry Flower Company

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Homegrown flowers, herbs, and fruits/vegetables.
 Custom designs for indoor and outdoor gardens.

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Mini Arrangement: Herbs and Flowers

Holiday Arrangement with Antique Typewriter

Spring Narcissus in Depression Glass

Edible Garden Flowers

Holiday Flower Arrangement

Homegrown Mixed Daffodil Bouquet

Mini Rose, Viola, Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush

Fresh Hydrangea Wreath

Fresh Valentine 

Mock Orange and Peony Arrangement 
in Vintage Majolica Pitcher

Halloween Arrangement: 
Gothic Silk Flower Arrangement in Antique Tin

Autumn Arrangement in Simon Pearce Glass

Christmas Flowers

Rex Begonia: Indoor Plants

Homegrown Edibles:
Edible Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

Homegrown Herbs and Shrubs

Homegrown Vegetables

Pink and White

Red and White

Homegrown White Flowers (Wedding)

Homegrown Spring flowers

Flower Crown