Myrica Press

Future titles by Nina Roth Borromeo/Penny Watson will be published by MYRICA PRESS.

These books will continue to be available in both print and digital formats at a variety of booksellers.

MYRICA PRESS represents an eclectic mix of fiction. A sampling of the genres includes horror, women's fiction, fantasy, YA, kiddy lit, romance, and more.

Myrica is the genus name for Bayberry, a plant found in Eastern North America among other locations.

The waxy coating from the Myrica berries can be used to make soap and clean-burning candles. Early American colonists would boil the fruits to extract the fragrant wax.

Symbolically, Bayberry is supposed to bring luck, prosperity, and good fortune.

Nina has degrees in biology, plant taxonomy, and horticultural science. She enjoys incorporating her affinity for plants and science into her fictional projects.



Genre: Fiction