Four Delectable Foodie Romances
 Penny Watson and Julia Barrett

A collection of previously-published 
award-winning novels.





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CULINARY DELIGHTS: Four Delectable Foodie Romances

Award-winning authors Julia Barrett and Penny Watson are thrilled to present a sampler collection of foodie fiction.

If you like Top Chef, Julia Child, the romance of the Napa Valley, and the mystery of the Scottish highlands, then you will love CULINARY DELIGHTS: Four Delectable Foodie Romances.

CULINARY DELIGHTS includes previously published content (two full-length novels and two romance novellas).

***Collection includes ten original recipes by Julia Barrett***

A TASTE OF HEAVEN by Penny Watson

Forty-seven-year-old widow Sophia Brown enters a cooking competition determined to reinvigorate her life, not expecting to find a giant Scottish obstacle blocking the path to victory. Elliott Adamson has one goal in mind...winning. But a smoldering attraction to his amateur partner may derail his plans.

“Lots of humor, romance, and a touching story of second chances.” (KIRKUS REVIEWS)

Best of 2015 Lists at Babbling About Books, Heroes and Heartbreakers, Smexy Books, and Fiction Vixen


Eva Raines is an uncomplicated country girl about to embark on a new adventure as a personal chef in the Napa Valley. Wealthy entrepreneur Gabriel Abbott has no idea the sound of a woman's voice and the taste of her decadent food hold such seductive powers. When they finally meet in person, the chemistry between them is hot enough to ignite a barbecue.
“Spicy, sensual, and masterfully woven.” (MANHATTAN BOOK REVIEW)

Amazon #1 Bestseller, Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest 3rd Place Winner


What happens when prim-and-proper Beverly and cranky curmudgeon Tom are forced to spend Thanksgiving together? A beer-can turkey, a stolen gnome, and some unexpected and out of the kitchen.

“Sexy and heart-warming.” (NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS)

2015 CoRWA Award of Excellence Finalist, 2015 DABWAHA Finalist


Restaurant-owner Emma Steen leaves scorching Arizona behind and arrives in Scotland hoping for a much-needed breath of fresh air. She never expects to encounter another living person on her first hike to Loch Ness, let alone a kilt-wearing bare-chested Highland hottie.
Pity he's also dead.

"Get ready for a romance story that will give you goose bumps in the best possible way...within the pages of Dinner with a Highland Ghost is one of the most complete, heartfelt, romantic and beautiful stories I've read in a while." (LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS)

Sweet Cinderella
The Klaus Brothers Series #4
A Novella 

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Coming in print 2016

"Penny Watson books make me smile...each one is sweet, sexy, heartwarming and with a sense of family and tradition that I adore."
 Fiction Vixen

"[Sweet Cinderella] was like watching one of those Christmas movies that give you the warm fuzzies. 
Also, bonus points for the German words."
Book Riot

"Whimsical and with the perfect amount of Christmas magic..." 
 Heroes and and Heartbreakers

Just one night.

Hannah De Luca Andersen has been battered by the worst year ever, but even that can’t squash her love of the holiday season. She has one night to forget life’s hardships and enjoy the magic of an elegant Christmas gala. If she’s really lucky, maybe a handsome prince will ask her to dance.

Gregor Klaus, Director of Finance for Klaus Enterprises, has completely lost his Christmas spirit. One look at Hannah thaws his icy demeanor and gives him a new sense of purpose. If he can only figure out the key to Hannah’s heart, he might have the best Christmas of his life.

But one night isn’t enough for Gregor Klaus. He won’t be satisfied with anything less than forever.

Sweet Cinderella is a 28,000-word holiday novella, part four of the Klaus Brothers Series. It takes place at the same time as Sweet Adventure.


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Made the "10 Must Read Romance Novels of 2015" list at

Best of 2015 list at Babbling About Books

Best of 2015 list at Heroes and Heartbreakers

Best of 2015 HM list at Smexy Books

Best of 2015 HM list at Fiction Vixen   

"Sparks fly on and off camera in this delightful romance."
All About Romance  

 "Lots of humor, romance, 
and a touching story of second chances."
Kirkus Reviews

"Sophia and Elliott are like oil and water, match and dynamite, war and peace...The older romance is not done for laughs but rather is the main course."
Dear Author

"[A TASTE OF HEAVEN] is a true taste of fiction heaven."
Babbling About Books

"Older characters, a heartwarming romance, a fresh plot, and haggis make for a fantastic story that will delight readers."
Romance Novel News

"If you're a foodie and/or like big redhaired Scots with bad attitudes and extraordinary skill in both the bedroom and the kitchen, then this book is for you. I loved it."
Grace Draven, Bestselling author of Radiance 

"Food is a vivid metaphor for all that life still holds to savor in this sweet and sexy story of second chances, full of heart and humor."
Laura Florand, Bestselling author of The Chocolate Series

"Charming, delightful, and delicious!"
Theresa Weir, NYT-bestselling author

"A TASTE OF HEAVEN is an absolutely charming story about trust and family...
Watson may even have convinced me to try haggis."
Book Riot 

"A Taste of Heaven by Penny Watson is a delicious bite of romance and humor as a grief stricken widow finds herself competing in a culinary contest with a cantankerous grumpy Scotsman. Well written and thoroughly drenched in humor, romance, and a touch of bittersweet emotions."

“Create one perfect bite.”

Good little widow Sophia Brown always follows the rules. When the producer of a cooking competition requests an amuse-bouche, the chefs stick with proteins. Sauces. A savory concoction. She has only one shot to impress the judges on A Taste of Heaven. But in a moment of defiance, she creates an extraordinary dessert, one that combines both the bitter and the sweet, just like her own life.

That one bite changes everything.

After a year grieving for her dead husband, forty-seven-year-old Sophia is finally ready to break out of her shell. Unfortunately, there is a large, angry obstacle standing in her way. Scottish chef Elliott Adamson has a chip on his shoulder the size of Loch Ness, and he’s blocking her path to victory.

Spurred by her daughters, she embarks on a poignant adventure that takes her from the wildflower fields of Vermont to the wind-swept vista of North Berwick, Scotland. Fear, courage, and inspiration from unlikely places will mark this journey, and Sophia is determined to persevere until the very end.

A TASTE OF HEAVEN is a 57,000-word short novel that includes a foodie romance, second chances, and a wee bit of haggis.

Apples Should Be Red

"Hilarious and sweet, a delightfully romantic gem of a story."
Laura Florand, bestselling author of The Chocolate Series

"Gutsy, funny, and bold, APPLES SHOULD BE RED is a delight."
Theresa Weir, NYT and USA Today bestselling author

"...puts the comic back into romance...absolutely precious."
Dear Author

"Sexy and heart-warming..."
New York Journal of Books

2015 Colorado RWA Award of Excellence Finalist

2015 DABWAHA Finalist, Novella Category

One of the "Best Romance Novels in 2014" at ABOUT.COM

RECOMMENDED READ at Romance Novel News

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Lumberjack In Love

"The delicious beard! The magnificent log! 
This city-girl-meets-lumberjack tale is a crazy sexy, hairy delight."
Carolyn Crane, NYT-bestselling author

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Lumberjack In Love: Christmas Edition Special Epilogue

A Lumberjacky Christmas

A super-schmaltzy, super-sweet, super-beardy, super-short 
holiday snowbound-in-a-cabin romance.

Zombies V. Nun


Sweet Inspiration, Klaus Brothers #1

"[SWEET INSPIRATION] sweet, romantic and full of wonder."
Rochester Romance Novel Examiner

Paranormal Winner, Gateway to the Best Contest (MoRWA)

Finalist, HEA Contest (MMRWA)

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Sweet Magik, Klaus Brothers #2

"Sweet Magik will surely help readers get into the Christmas spirit...
suspend disbelief and go along for a ride to the North Pole."
 RT Book Reviews

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Sweet Adventure, Klaus Brothers #3 

"Fans of the Klaus Brothers books will eat this one up."
Babbling About Books

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The Klaus Brothers BOXED SET (Books 1-3)

"I love this series from Watson.
It's quirky, sweet, funny and full of Christmas cheer."
Heroes and Heartbreakers

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Sweet Cinderella, Klaus Brothers #4 

Sweet Destiny, Klaus Brothers #5 

Children's Fiction
w/a Nina Clark

"Lucy is sure to tickle the funny bones of young kids
and wiener dog lovers of all ages.
The bright, charmingly wacky illustrations build the perfect world
for a wiener dog with a newly-found super power."
Pam Smallcomb, author of EARTH TO CLUNK

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