Penny Watson Book Key

I think it's fairly obvious that I like quirky, weird, irregular, funky stuff. And I write that way, too! 
To help you navigate my bibliography, here's a handy key.

Good luck!

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"Penny Watson's books make me smile...Each one is sweet, sexy, heartwarming and with a sense of family and tradition that I adore." -- Fiction Vixen

"Watson delights and entertains once again with her enchanting characters, 
 energetic storylines, and swoonworthy romance." -- Smexybooks

Do you like foodie fiction?

Do you like old people (aka, folks older than 40)?

If you like lumberjacks...

Try Lumberjack in Love, A Lumberjacky Christmas (free download), Lumberjack in Love Christmas Epilogue, and Sweet Adventure is sort of about a lumberjacky guy, too 
(he's a wood-worker...close enough!)

If you like beards and hairy guys...
most of my books fit this category. 
And Lucy the Wonder Weenie is pretty hairy, too.

If you like super hero weenie dogs with an obsessive compulsive licking problem, 

If you like Santa and elves and Christmas and romance and occasionally a Yeti...


If you like sweet rated G Christmas stories, 

If you like PG-13+ heat level with your holiday romance,
check out the Klaus Brothers Series


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