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Monday, January 20, 2014

PAINTED FACES by LH Cosway - A Review by Penny Reid

Top 5 reasons you must read Painted Faces by LH Cosway

A Review by Penny Reid

This book, you must read it. And here is why:

1. The funny. Yes, funny. I know you’ve read the blurb and are wondering to yourself how can this book be funny? But it is. Here are some of my favorite lines:
"I might not have a boyfriend, but I have cupcakes, and those tasty bastards haven't let me down yet."

"It makes me feel more normal when I can see my life is full of stereotypes."
"...Hello. You'll be starring in my dirty dreams tonight, Mr. Blue Eyes"

2. Freda (the girl). Freda is a real person. She has flaws—of the physical and the mental variety—just like a *GASP* real person. She also doesn’t fall into bed with people. She’s also smart…. I know, right? Doesn’t sound like a book person, sounds more like a real person.

3. Nicolas/Viv (the boy). Nicolas is… *sigh* Sorry, what was I saying? He is maybe the most masculine, alpha, sexy male I’ve ever read. Just thinking about him makes my chest all achy.

4. You will be uncomfortable and you will love every minute of it! And, I’m not talking about dirty/weird/kinky sex uncomfortable. I’m talking about challenging your perceptions of gender by making you fall in love with someone who isn’t ‘normal’ or typical, but someone who is so beautiful and exquisitely drawn. You are compelled. You have no choice. Viv is love. Freda is adorable.

5. ALL OF THE FEELS! Every single one of them. I laughed, I sniffled, I was angry, I was frustrated (but not for long).

Also, of note, I’ve read this book twice. I never do that. The last book I read twice was The Lord of the Rings, so BAM!

Pick it up, read it, you will love it. And feel free to send me thank you notes and chocolates when you do.

Penny Jr. (Penny Reid)


Julia Barrett said...

Buying it right..... Now! Sounds amazing!

Penelope said...

Hi Julia! So many folks adored this book, but I'm not sure I can read it. For some reason the whole "men in drag" concept is something I am really not interested in reading. But I know tons of readers/reviewers adored it, so you should def. give it a try!

Hope all is well after the football game. o.O

Pamela said...

I picked this book up because Mandi at Smexybooks had loved it. I was BLOWN AWAY. The book touched me so much, both the hero and the heroine I ADORED as characters, I didn't want the story to end.

Tasha Brandstatter said...

Completely agree with this review. Freda is an awesome and hilarious character! Even if you don't like Nicholas/Viv (coughPennyWcough), Freda is reason enough to read the book.

hajar said...

I was laughing my arse out reading this book!..last year when it came out i was wondering when are you guys going to read it..and waalllah!~~....im so happy that ya'll liked it..cheers!

Jessi said...

You talked me into giving this one a try, Penny Jr. Your enthusiasm is irresistible. Plus your face inside of a pie...goodness. How can I say no to that?!


Kyrias said...

I picked it up and I quit about 38% in and skipped to the end to read the ending. The dialog is funny, Viv totally did it for me (god, he's so good at the sexy talking), but I eventually got ground down by the amount of self-deprecation, telling/explaining not showing of emotion, and general feel that the plot meandered. I tried again a couple of hours later and got another bat to the face when she started being self-deprecating again. It really made me sad because I wanted to love it.

Penelope said...

Don't feel badly, Kryias. I know plenty of folks who were not in love with this book either. That's why there are 31 flavors! Something for everyone. :^)

Penelope said...

Oops...Kyrias...forgive my spelling error!