Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Meaning Of Life (Hint: Answer Is BIG HAIR) And Other Observations from the INDIE AUTHOR SYMPOSIUM

Penny Watson and Marie Force at the INDIE AUTHOR SYMPOSIUM

Some more observations, comments and photos from the INDIE AUTHOR SYMPOSIUM...

1. Had this interesting conversation with Jessica Andersen/Jesse Hayworth in the ladies' room, following my talk LOUSY TO LOVELY. I discussed how my original LUMBERJACK IN LOVE book cover made the Lousy Book Covers website, and folks all over the world enjoyed making fun of me.

Jess pointed out that folks love it when other people flub up.

She is sooooooo right. The thing you have to decide is...are they laughing AT you or WITH you? I decided to make fun of myself. It always ends better that way.

                Before                                                            After

2. A woman came up to me during conference and asked me if I had just attended the NJRWA meeting. I said yes. She said, and I quote, "I recognized you from your hair."


So excellent. Branding via BIG HAIR. Works for me!

Big hair is fierce!

3. One highlight at conference: KT Grant and Victoria Morgan waxing on and on about Roarke and his buttons and how great he is, and I was ducking under the table since Vicki once tried to take me out at Bertucci's when I made the unfortunate statement "I hate NAKED IN DEATH."

Buttons 4-Evah!

4. Highlight #2: Penny Reid wearing a giant potholder. (Don't ask). Also known as "The Hooters Incident."

Penny and Penny: Big Hair and Big Hooters

5. I loved that we had all kinds of success stories. On one side of the spectrum is Marie Force, who took her traditional publishing success and a big pile of unpublished manuscripts, and basically steamrolled into Amazon and grew into an empire. On the other side is Penny Reid, who had never written a novel before, and had the "magic snowball" effect: a teeny tiny 5+ star book started at the top of the mountain, and rolled all the way down, gathering fans and readers and ending up on the Amazon bestseller list.

Reach for the magic snowball!

6. Both Marie and I had the same basic formula for success.

Marie's sound bite: THE BOOK IS KING.

My sound bite: ALL PATHS LEAD BACK TO THE BASE OF THE TRIANGLE. (The base of the triangle is YOUR WRITING).


7. Here are a couple of recap posts about the conference...

TOP TEN Take Home Messages from the Independent Author Symposium (Penny Reid)

My Takeaway from the Indie Author Symposium (AC James)

8. Some photos!

Penny chatting on and on and on....

The Last Supper With Super Talented Authors
(Penny #1, Stephanie, Bobbi, Kate, and Penny #2)

Stephanie With The Power of Curls!, Bobbi With The Power of Silken Perfection!, and Victoria Who Is Cute As A Button (one of Roarke's buttons?)

HUGE THANK-YOU to everyone who attended this year. I hope to see many more of you next year...tentative dates are Oct 24-25, 2014.


All my best,


Juju at Tales of said...

Yay for being recognized by your gorgeous hair!

I btw LOVE the original Lumberjack in Love cover and I was just recently thinking that it's time for reread. :)

KB/KT Grant said...

I still can't believe you aren't a Roarke button fetish fan! You really need to read the first 10 books to understand the lusciousness that is Roarke.

Marie Force said...

What's this? You don't love Roarke? Consider this our breakup notice! LOL

Marie Force said...
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Julia Barrett said...

Oh honey, that is some hair! I wish I'd been there. Sounds so fun and educational. Yes, I agree - writing is king, queen, prince, princess and even knave.

Tom Stronach said...

You look fantastic and clearly had a wonderful time #LiveLifeToTheFull

Penelope said...

Thanks, Juju! I still have plenty of readers who like the original...they must share my quirky sensibilities! :^)

Penelope said...

KB--I don't have the mental fortitude to finish that series! I could barely get through book #1! I'm too big a wuss!

Penelope said...

Marie--Team Roarke has about 10 million members. Team I-Don't-Get-The-Whole-Roarke-Thing is a very small group. I am def. in the minority!

Penelope said...

Julia...I sure hope you can make it next year. We need you!

Penelope said...

Tom--Thanks, hon! It was great!