Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A Review of Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid

***Review written by STEPHANIE KAY, New Ultra-Excellent Crew Member at Penelope's Romance Reviews***

(I will be announcing and introducing the whole new crew very soon, but please give Steph a warm welcome today and feel free to heckle her. I always do!)


Penny Reid has done it again with her second novel in the Knitting in the City series. 

I loved Janie and Sir Quinn McHotpants from her first book, Neanderthal Seeks Human. In fact I believe I read the entire book in one day. I swear I do work. It must have been a weekend. And then I quickly friended Penny on Facebook. She is just as hysterical as her characters.

So when I saw that she was releasing Friends Without Benefits earlier than scheduled, I quickly downloaded it. Unfortunately it was a Tuesday, and I had to work, so it took me a day and a half to read. I took a lot of breaks that day!

I absolutely adored Elizabeth and Nico “The Face” Manganiello. Penny’s characters are so quirky and real. I can picture them walking right off the page. And believe me, you want to see Nico in person! 

Yummy Joe Manganiello…maybe they are brothers. Now that would be an awesome gene pool!

Her characters are hysterical and intelligent. There is nothing I hate more than a “too stupid to live" heroine, you know, like that dumb blonde trying to run away from a killer. Well Elizabeth is definitely not that. She is smart and witty. She definitely has her issues and thinks she’s a hardass, but she’s really a big ol’ softy inside. And she actually knits!

She and Nico have a long history and I was rooting for them from the first page. And I’ll admit I had tears in my eyes by the end of the book. 

And Nico. **insert sigh here**

I love this type of hero. He’s strong, protective, and he has been in love with Elizabeth since they were kids. Not to mention he makes apple fritters while just wearing a pair of black boxer briefs...seriously needs to be turned into a movie just to see that scene!

You will laugh your ass off. The writing moves seamlessly and her dialogue is fantastic. I enjoyed learning new terms like "complisult" (a compliment mixed in with an insult). I will have to find a way to use that in a conversation at some point!

Favorite banter: “The baby is yours”—“Why couldn’t you just yell fire”—“It’s illegal to yell fire if there isn’t one”

And the best part of the book: “The Choose Your Own Adventure” Sex Scene. Genius! 

In Neanderthal Seeks Human there is all this crazy sexual tension and then a closed door sex scene.  It’s like if you order a chocolate lava cake and then when you are about to get to the best part, instead of ooey gooey chocolate, you just have more cake.

I personally want to read an open door sex scene.

Well now I had the chance. There are two chapter 22s, a closed door sex scene or an open door sex scene. Clearly, I skipped right to the good stuff! If only those Choose Your Own Adventure books had given me those options, I might have read them.

All in all, I thought it was a great fun read and I can’t wait for the next installment, Sandra’s story, Love Hacked.

Grade: A


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Stephanie for this great review! I was lucky enough to beta-read this book several times before publication, but I haven't seen the Choose Your Own Adventure sex scene, and I REALLY want to see that. 

I'm feeling adventurous!



KB/KT Grant said...

Choose your own elevator sex scene for the win!

Victoria Morgan said...

What do you mean there is no sex scene in NEADERTHAL MEETS HUMAN? I'm on page around 250 and I don't get any ooey, gooey cake??? HA! Good thing the heroine's POV is too funny to put the book down. She's a clever riot. Looking forward to this new one now that you made it sound so good!

Penelope said...

KB....the sky is the limit with this!

Penelope said...

Hi Vicki! I have a feeling you will run out and get the next book as soon as you're done with that one. :^)

Juju at Tales of said...

Awesome review. I'm so running to Amazon to grab a sample.

Penelope said...

Juju...I think you'll really like her books!

Julia Barrett said...

Hey Stephanie - fun review! So glad you're here with Penny!

Stephanie Kay said...

Thanks Julia! I always like eye candy in my reviews!