Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Updates From The Crew

It's Turkey Week!

So I'm busy with the most important task for the Thanksgiving holiday.

No, not the menu.


I will let you know when I find the most perfect, magical, alcoholic beverage I can.

In the meantime, here are some updates from the crew....

FROM STEPHANIE: Stephanie participated in a 5K race in 28 degree weather this past weekend. "I never run, not even to the drunk bus when I was in college. But the cold was totally worth it since my cousin got engaged at the race. Her fiancé even had a special runner's bib made for number 143--I LOVE YOU. They are adorable! Then we drank all day, since all of the races we participate in end at a bar. Priorities, people, priorities!" 

(Also, word on the street is that Stephanie ate Thai food this weekend, which is unbelievable if you knew her self-imposed food restrictions).

FROM PENNY REID: Penny celebrated her 4-year old daughter's taekwondo belt graduation by playing Star Wars with the kids. She then took the bundles of activity up to their grandparents' house. The rest of the weekend was a blur of alcohol, naps, doughnuts, and erotica (books).

(Only books? wink, wink).

FROM NICO: Nico watched a depressing British movie called Weekend, which was totally not her style. Thankfully, she also found an AMAZEBALLS web series, It Could Be Worse and binge-watched the entire hilarious and cute season 1 (15 7-minute episodes). *smacks lips* It was delicious! A crab Benedict may have been on the menu for Sunday brunch, and boy is she glad she's back in San Francisco, the land of Dungeness crab! She snuck in another Amy Lane-lite book, SUPER SOCK MAN, and thought it was pretty dang cute, too.

Nico also put together a new blog post on her author site to introduce a series of cartoons that will be teasers for her new story, Different Strokes!

(Thai food, doughnuts, and crab! My food sucked this weekend! *Penny Sr. seethes with jealousy*)

FROM PENNY WATSON: I watched Stonados on the Syfy channel, which was so freakin' bad I fell asleep half-way through. It was about giant rocks flying through the air and terrorizing the good folks of Boston. (Yes, that was totally as ridiculous as it sounds). The funniest part of the movie was when the scientists were looking at their data. You could tell they were concentrating really, really hard because they kept squinting. (Do you think they teach that in acting school? Hmm.)

I also just started reading TAKE ME HOME by Inez Kelley, about a LUMBERJACK! Yipppeeeeee!

That's it for now! Happy Thanksgiving Week,


Amber Skyze said...

I'm still stuck on the fact that Steph ate Thai food! :) Running in the cold, not my thing. A nice warm blanket and a book sounds much better.

Good luck with the special cocktail.

Penelope said...

Amber...I know! Can you believe it! I'm so proud of Steph!

Julia Barrett said...

Sounds like a busy busy week. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Penelope said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Julia! Hope you have a great holiday!