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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Off The Bandwagon

As soon as I see a million people flock to something, I run the other direction.

Not sure why, I just tend to lose interest.

I'm always looking for something a little different, a little bit quirky, something off the beaten path.

Sometimes I join in the fracas (The Walking Dead, for example). But most of the time I run far, far away.

At the moment, I couldn't care less about that Grey book, the Hunger Games movie, JR Ward's latest book, basketball March Madness, the romance novel brackets, and Linsanity (much to my hubby's chagrin).

For some of them, I fell off the bandwagon. For some of them, I was never on the bandwagon. I just don't care.

Right now I'm into Dalian, China, the Iditarod, winter-hardy Mediterranean plants, tiaras, flash fiction, quirky indie books, and Anthony LaPaglia.

Coming up on the reading horizon: One Tasty Night by Amber Skyze, Actions Speak Louder by Rosemarie Naramore, Doughnuts for Amy by John Malik, In Search of Nectar by Kirkus MacGowan, and Prince Charming, Inc by Jamie Brazil. I already started Prince Charming, Inc, and I love the bit about renovating the San Francisco Victorian mansion. Great stuff!

For those on the bandwagon, and for those who have fallen off------
Have a great reading day!

p.s. My To-Do List in now in double digits. I am cranking, baby!


Casey Wyatt said...

I hear you on the bandwagon. I'm kind of contrary, especially when it comes to books. If the masses love it, I steer clear. Same with most TV programs and movies. I'm psyched to see my SMP sister Jamie Brazil on your reading list! :)

Amber Skyze said...

Congrats on getting that to-do list into the double digits. :)

I'm with you. I rarely jump on the bandwagon.

Penelope said...

Hi Casey! Yeah, if there is too much hype about something, it usually turns me off. If I stumble onto something, I feel like I've found a hidden treasure. Really enjoying Jamie's book so far!

Penelope said...

Hi Amber! We need to start a new group....Side-Of-The-Bandwagon? Next-To-The-Bandwagon? Hmmm......

Brie said...

This is a great post! I go for things that catch my attention and seem like something I would enjoy, so yes to The Hunger Games since I read the books, although I’ll go next week because can’t stand crowds, and yes to Romance Novels brackets because it’s fun and it helps me find new books. The rest gets a no, a book may be popular but I won’t buy it unless is something I would like to read regardless of its fame, so no to 50 shades, and I stopped reading the BDB books around book 5, so I guess I’m half in half out LOL.

That Prince Charming book sounds good, love the title. Today while everyone else reads the BDB book I’ll read Jill Sorenson’s new book.

Penelope said...

So, Brie, you are hanging half-way out of the bandwagon. I am envisioning your front side in the bandwagon, with your legs and feet hanging outside the bandwagon. Make sure you wear pants.

jamie said...

You can't be on or off the tiara bandwagon, tiaras are forever! I know what you mean about crowds flocking to the latest thing... do you think Black Friday sales are the ultimate expression of bandwagon-ism?
BTW, MANY THANKS for mentioning Prince Charming, Inc. Glad you're enjoying Elyse, Nick and the house!

Penelope said...

Good point, Jamie. Tiaras are timeless, not really a bandwagon item. I would rather have red-hot pokers jammed in my eyes than ever go shopping on Black Friday.

Enjoying the book! Thank you!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Ah, I never get on a bandwagon unless it has to do with sports. Too contrary, like Casey. However I adore Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone was one of the best movies I've ever seen) so I will see The Hunger Games.
Enjoy your lovely selection of books!

Tom Stronach said...

But then if I was to get off the BANDWAGON I wouldn't be one of your biggest fans and I must be one of the many little people that worship at your chuckwagon for a daily dose of literary grubossip!

Tasha B. said...

I'm the same way. Maybe I just feel the need to stay one step ahead of the pack? Or I like "discovering" things on my own instead of following a crowd.

Right now I'm into public domain books, cocktails, and olde-timey cookbooks. :)

Janna Shay said...

I pick and choose my reading material instead of jumping on the bandwagon. I read Prince Charming by Jamie Brazil - loved it.

It's a great book that kept me enthralled to the end. It's a read that I recommend to everyone. In fact, it is on my list to reread.

Anxious to read more from this talented author.

Penelope said...

Hi Julia! That little actress does look cute. And like she's about 15 years old.

Penelope said...

Hi Tom! Yes, chuckwagon is WAYYYYY better than bandwagon. Who wants to be in the band? I would rather have a hamburger. Thanks for being on my chuckwagon!

Penelope said...

Hi Janna! I am very impressed with her writing so far.

Penelope said...

Hi Tasha! I need to go look at your blog and check out the cookbooks...heading there now!