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Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Monday morning quickie updates.....

I read Sheila Connolly's mystery Let's Play Dead. It is a very subdued style of mystery, about a museum director in Philadelphia. Not a lot of action, no real romance to speak of, and lots of mundane details about daily operations at a museum. Even though it was pretty dry reading, I still liked it. The mystery itself is the star of the show, and Connolly does a good job with the plotline. Also, the cover is simply adorable! Grade: B

I finally got to read Hannah Howell's latest addition to the Wherlocke series, If He's Dangerous. What a great story! I am totally digging the paranormally-enhanced Wherlocke family. They are bad-ass, mysterious and oh so sexy. Schwing! I am now in love with the name Angus. It's hot! I thought this book was the perfect package....great romance, terrific characters, engaging storyline. Grade: A

Thanks to People magazine for this inspiring photo of Hugh.

Happy Monday,


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Any day that starts with Hugh is a good day.

Penelope said...

hee hee....you are SO right, Juju! For some reason, I feel like going for a swim! :^)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I have Hannah Howell's entire Highlander collection, but I haven't read her stuff recently. So I guess I should start again!
Thanks for the morning shot of Hugh. Can never get enough!

Penelope said...

Hi Julia! I haven't read the Highlander series, but this Wherlocke series is terrific. I hate to point this out, but I think Hugh might be sucking in his gut. What do you think? Cute!

bookster09 said...

wow!! what a photo!!!

Penelope said...

Hi bookster09! I don't think Hugh has a "bad side"...hee hee!