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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Morning Update

I can't believe it! I already have my first DNF for the year, it's only the 2nd week of January for God's sake.

I'm sort of surprised, because I thought I would absolutely love this book....Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch. It seemed right up my alley. Quirky, funny, alien-y. The writing was great, I loved the humor, and the characters were interesting. But I only made it half-way through, then I had to bail. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Why, you ask.

Well, the problem was an unbelievable case of information dump. There is a fine line when writing a paranormal story around bringing the reader (and in some cases, the characters) up to speed about the paranormal setting. What are all the rules and regulations (and possibly history) of this new paranormal world? As an author, you need to relay the pertinent information, but without bogging down the narrative. It's tough. Sometimes, there's too little info and the reader is confused about the new terrain, and sometimes there is way too much info, and the reader's eyes start glazing over and she starts thinking about her grocery list, and her son's next swim meet, and that she is almost out of dog food.....

You get the idea.

I also readily admit I like fast-paced stories. When things start slowing down the narrative (which can include too much deep POV, which drives me nutso, or an enormous info dump, etc) I get antsy. I know, I'm shallow and superficial and need instant gratification. Whatever. The point is (there's a point????) that this book had info dump after info dump, and they kept interfering with a very nice storyline. Bummer. Gini Koch seems like a great writer, so I'm willing to try another one of her books, but this one couldn't keep my attention span (which appears to be the same as a three year old...heh heh).

After that fiasco, I re-read Stephanie Lauren's Captain Jack's Woman, which is the pre-cursor to the Bastion Club series. The premise for this book is utterly ridiculous...a gently-reared member of the ton disguises herself as a boy and becomes leader of a smuggling gang. O-kay. Sure. This has all of the classic SL stuff in it...alpha male hero, gorgeous and courageous heroine, interesting historical storyline, sex against a tree (okay, that's not actually in every SL book, but it's in this one), and chapter-long sex scenes. It's a fun SL re-read!

Next up....The Iron Duke! I will be posting a discussion about the steampunk genre on The Quirky Ladies blog at some point this week, and I'll have the review for The Iron Duke on my Penelope page.

Happy Monday,


KB/KT Grant said...

Not even the hot Martini sex could keep you interested?

I want my own Martini.

Penelope said...

Hey KB--I hate to admit this, but I would rather have an apple-tini. I thought Martini was cute and loved his dialogue, but I didn't find him all that sexy.

I am more an alpha-hero lover than a beta-hero lover.

KB/KT Grant said...

I like a little of both. I'm greedy :)

Fiction Vixen said...

I haven't started this one yet. I don't care for massive information dump but usually if I can get through that I'm ok. It's on my TBR...we'll see.

Penelope said...

Hey FV! I couldn't take it...the info dumps really slowed down the pacing. I'm interested to see what you think. It is cute and funny.

HistoricalRomanceJunkie Rita said...

I SO hate info dumps and deep POV. Esspecially when it's thrown right in a scene that's getting good. Heor and Heroine are about to have their first kiss, and this dude is thinking about how his mother didh't love him enough as a child (not pointing to any book in particular, you get what I mean). I begin to skim after that because I want the action. I love instant gratification and if a book is going to make me jump through proverbial hoops of meaningless thought to get my fix, I'll just pick up something else....

and I HATE chapter long sex scenes! Unless they are trying every trick in the karma sutra, I don't want to read about how he licked her boobs, then her face, then her boobs again, then her tummy, then her boobs... I hate a tease- LOL!

*holds up flute of the buble stuff* "Here's to better reads"

Penelope said...

hee hee hee....Rita, you are so funny! I am starting The Iron Duke today....crossing my fingers I like it! :)

Lindsay Kiernan said...

I love blogs that have the guts to tell you what to stay away from instead of just recommending everything (even if they haven't read it) so thanks for the honesty and let me know if any others come our way!

Penelope said...

Hi Lindsay! I was pretty disappointed I didn't like that book. Oh well. Right now I'm reading The Iron Duke and I love it! :)

Buriedbybooks said...

This is the 2nd or 3rd mention of info dumping I've seen re: this book. It's not just you. It's not my cuppa, so I think I'll skip.

Haven't read that SL in a long time? Are there any seizing lungs? I love most of Laurens's stuff, but that phrase really *is* in most of her novels. I can't read a book of hers without looking for it. Maybe it needs to be a drinking game?

I always hate having DNFs. And it's good to have a favorite book hanging around to help cleanse the reading palate ;)

Penelope said...

BBB--you know there are lungs seizing in every single SL book!!!! At first I thought it was some sort of lung disease...hee hee! I have about 10 SL books I re-read all the time...I just can't help myself.