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Friday, January 21, 2011

Beard of the Day

3 Interesting Things About Chris O'Donnell....

1) His middle name is Eugene.

2) He is the youngest of 7 children!

3) He's all grown up and rocking his facial hair nicely. Remember when he was a baby-faced kid in Scent of a Woman? Now, he's in NCIS and he's looking the part. The scruff is just what he needs to give him a little bit of panache. And his eyes are swoon-worthy.

Has everyone recovered since reading Shadowfever? Still reading it? Staring glassy-eyed at the wall?

Happy Weekend To All!


Isabel Roman said...

I LOVE him in NCIS: LA...he and LL Cool J are great as the leads. And both very sexy!

Penelope said...

Hi Isabel! I LOVE LL Cool J, too....he is delish! I think LL and Chris together make a nice combo.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I respect any dude with the cojones to have 7 kids ;)

Lindsay Kiernan said...

He is one of those that I grew up with photos of him pinned to my wall when I was in grade school. I was very young but I fell in love with him when I first watched fried green tomatoes. So strange to see him rise above most of the other pin-up boys of that time. Now he is no little cutie and you're right that scruff helps him achieve a bit more of a manly look, if you can see past those eyes... Good pick!

Penelope said...

Hey Juju...his family seems very genuine, not Hollywood-y at all. I really like that!

Hi Lindsay!--Remember the movie Circle of Friends? He was so cute and preppy in that one!

lemonverbenalady said...

Another one that could eat crackers any time! He has a lot of kids, but not 7. I don't think! Thanks for sharing him, Penny!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

He's great in NCIS - perfect. I think he and his wife have a bunch of kids too. Not re-reading the Fever series yet, still haven't decided if it's worth it.

Jen D. said...

He's very much the boy next door. Thanks for featuring him today.

I'm still waiting for my copy of Shadowfever. I'm on the verge of hyperventilating.

Penelope said...

Hi lemonverbenalady! I would pass out if I had that many kids...I can barely handle 2!

Hi Julia...If you didn't like the beginning of the series, I don't think you'll like Shadowfever. You're not the only one with reservations about it, believe me.

Hi Jen! Don't hyperventilate...it will be there soon! :)