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Friday, December 17, 2010

Beard of the Day

Jeff Bridges is someone who is aging extremely well in Hollywood (take note Sylvester Stallone...no more plastic surgery for you!).

Not only is Mr. Bridges currently kicking ass in Tron, but he is also channeling his inner bad-ass cowboy in True Grit. In fact, I would have to say that Jeff Bridges is the King of Bad-Assery right about now.

His beard is sometimes old and scraggly, sometimes neat and trim. But he always has that sexy, scruffy, growly, bad boy thing going on, which I totally adore. Oh my God, if they ever make a movie about Soulless, I'm praying Jeff Bridges gets the part of Conall the Werewolf! Perfection, baby!

Reading update: I read three great books recently, and will be discussing them soon...Barbara Wallace's The Cinderella Bride, Ella Drake's Silver Bound, and Lorelei James' Strong, Silent Type.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tumperkin said...

Oh, a kindred spirit! Though I am more of a tash than a beard fan myself. And a beard without a tash is an abomination, IMHO. As you say, Mr Bridges wears it very well.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh Penny, you so nailed it! He is fine! (I was never a Sylvester Stallone fan anyway, but yikes!)

Penelope said...

Hi Tumperkin! Beard is my #1 facial hair priority...if a stache goes with it, that's good, too! :) Mr. Bridges is looking very fine.

Penelope said...

Hi Julia! I liked Sylvester Stallone is his old movies, especially Rambo-stuff. But he looks like a caricature these days, wearing make-up and too much facial reconstructive surgery....oy! Age gracefully, man...gracefully!

Lindsay Kiernan said...

I think this is my age talking. When I look at Jeff Bridges I see a really cool dad or worse...THE DUDE. I love him as an actor, and think he looks handsome but for some reason he can't cross that threshold into being hot. Yet somehow I can look at Sean Connery and think yum... I must be crazy!

Penelope said...

I hear you, Lindsay. There is a fine line between "there's a nice looking older man who looks like someone's father" and "let's get busy, baby!"....I personally think both Sean Connery and Jeff Bridges ooze hot, older dude vibes. But that's just me. :)

Liz Fielding said...

Doesn't he look just gorgeous! I really hate what some beautiful people have done to themselves with excessive facelifts.

Penelope said...

Hi Liz...yep, I think he's gorgeous, too!